Thursday 16th February: Reconnecting with our roots: Building resilience through community projects

18:00-20.30: Free admission, Free Pizza

Don’t Touch Tariquia: The Resistance of Chiquiaca (29 mins) 2022

This film follows a group of women resisting the entry of an oil company into their communities inside a national park in southern Bolivia. A discussion will be held with the director, Penelope Anthias

Gaguney Landslide: a village on the edge (8 mins), a village on the move (8 mins) 2022

SaveTheHills has produced two documentaries on the impacts of a landslide on a village in Sikkim, India. The landslide has resulted in the loss of land and livelihoods

High Water, Common Ground (6 mins) 2019

This film, by TheTopOfTheTree, explores some of the most innovative methods of flood risk management in the UK

The Monk, the Engineer, and the Artificial Glacier (11 mins) 2015

Through the Ice Stupa Artificial Glacier Project, Ladakh, northeast India, attempts to solve its water crisis by melting glaciers

Behind the Tree (10 mins) 2019

Written and filmed by youth film makes from Malawi, this film portrays the many direct and indirect difficulties of addressing flood risk in Malawi and other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa. A discussion will be held with Dr Bob Alexander (Executive Producer) after the film.

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Friday 17th February: Changing landscape and lives: Youth perspectives from Mexico, UK, and Ukraine

18.00-20.30: Free admission, Free Pizza

Kil Nche Ndutsa // Time and the Seashell (13 mins) 2020 Mexico

A young indigenous boy imagines his future while listening to the sounds of a seashell

Insecure: An exploration of coastal erosion with Withernsea High School (9 mins) 2021 UK

Films by Ukrainian teenagers:

Flash (7 mins) 2019

Virus “a (11 mins) 2018

Planet of Silence (13 mins) 2021

My Day During War 2022 Ukraine

A collection of documentary short films by Ukrainian 14-16 year olds in 2022. Anna living in Sweden (6 mins), Dasha living in Portugal (5 mins), Andriy living in Ukraine (6 mins), Evdokiya living in Spain (5 mins), and Anastasiya living in Ukraine (6 mins)

Q&A with Svitlana Pohasiy, the Ukrainian film school director

Please register for the 16th and/or 17th February events by emailing Registration is essential