Festival 2023

The IHRR Exploring Risk Film Festival

Reconnecting with our roots: building resilience through community projects

Over millennia, human civilisations have developed technologies and protocols to protect their communities and reduce the severity of risk from hazardous events. Often some of the most successful approaches to mitigating disaster are those that are small-scale and community-driven which also utilise local natural resources. These typically incorporate indigenous knowledge that has been passed down through generations. This session will showcase films that explore these community-led and nature-based mitigation and preparedness strategies to natural and human-made hazards.

Compounding crises

For this session of short films, we are thinking about compounding crises. What are the complex set of issues facing people, communities and societies? What is happening to make the problem worse by adding to the scale of hardship? Are these related to hazards, health, financial, conflict? How are people, communities and governments mitigating against, coping with and or adapting to these crises? What are the ways forward for people and societies?