The Exploring Risk
Film Festival 2024

Presented by Durham University’s Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience and the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture

Tuesday 27 Feb 2024. In Durham and online.

Tickets are here. The in-person is now sold out – online tickets are still available.

Image from: Achewiq: The song of the brave women (2022)

Free tickets for in-person and online attendance here.
Limited Spaces!

27th February 2024

18.00 – 21:00

The Exploring Risk Film Festival is a celebration of science, story-telling, and the belief in a just, safe and sustainable future.

This year hosted by the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience and Centre for Visual Arts and Culture as part of Durham University‘s Global week

Theme: Shifting the Gaze in Narratives of Disaster Risk Globally

For the past four decades, the way we talk about disasters has been framed in terms of ‘resilience’ and ‘sustainability,’ often labelling affected communities as ‘vulnerable.’ This framing minimises the voices of those who are most impacted and deflects responsibility from those in charge, placing the problem and its potential solution on the individual. In our upcoming film festival, we will explore how stories shape our understanding of disasters and who gets to tell them. A panel of film directors and academics will debate the ethics of these narratives and explore how the gaze in disaster narratives globally could be shifted to make disaster risk reduction strategies more inclusive and impactful.

The full programme is here. The outline of the evening is:

18:00 Welcome Reception with Pizza

18:30 Start of the film festival and the start of the online stream.

21:00 Close.

@ Durham University’s Department of Music, Palace Green, DH1 3RL

+ Online

The Exploring Risk Film Festival on 27 February 2024 will also mark the last day of our Picture of Risk Photography 2024 Exhibition. Be sure to visit before it closes!

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